How soon can I have sex after a vasectomy operation?

Usually, we tell men to begin whenever they feel comfortable.  But most will wait about a week. Remember for the first 15-20 ejaculations sperm will still be present in your system, so use another form of contraception until two semen analysis show that sperm are no longer present in your seminal fluid.

How and when is the semen analysis done following my vasectomy?

Simply put, you will have to provide a specimen of your semen by masturbating into a container provided by the doctors office. This fluid is then examined under a microscope to see if there are any sperm.

see How can I be sure the Procedure Worked.

I've got existing problems "Down there" - will a vasectomy make things worse?

Post vasectomy pain syndrome (PVPS) can be caused by undiagnosed problems that existed before the vasectomy. So yes, a vasectomy may make an existing problem worse. If you have certain conditions, vasectomy should be delayed until the problem is resolved. Some conditions may increase the risks, or make the operation difficult. You should discuss your medical history with your doctor, and any problems should be checked out. You should mention any pains or abnormalities to the doctor, and discuss if a vasectomy is going to make things worse during your consultation.

My wife is of the age when the menopause is looming in a few years. Should I have a vasectomy?

Nobody can advise you what do on this question, or predict the future. When women cease to be fertile isn't set in stone - it can be very early, or very late. However, the question is certainly something to bear in mind when considering vasectomy.

I'm young, single and childfree - can I get a vasectomy?

Dr. Mistry believes that a vasectomy is an important decision that should be carefully decided.  If a man decides to have a vasectomy, we will offer the procedure regardless of children or marital status.  We will carefully discuss options, however, including sperm banking. 

Will I still have any fluid come out when I ejaculate?

Sperm from your testicles make up a very small part of your ejaculate.  Most of the fluid comes from your prostate.  After a vasectomy your ejaculate volume (or “load”) will be unchanged. Similarly, you should not feel any difference in the intensity of your orgasm.

What happens to the sperm after the tubes are tied?

Sperm cells, like almost all cells in the body send a signal after a certain period of time to be eaten up by immune cells in the body. After sperm are made by the testicle, they are transported to a coiled tube behind the testicle, called the epididymis.  After a vasectomy, sperm stay within the epididymis until they are cleared by the immune system (about every 120 days). There is a constant turnover of sperm as the testicle makes new ones and the body clears out the old ones.

Does a vasectomy increase my risk of prostate cancer?

To answer this question, a major study involving over 2000 men was performed and reported in the Journal American Medical Association (JAMA 2002; 287:3110-3115). The conclusion was clearly that there is no increased risk of prostate cancer with vasectomy.

Are there any effects on erections?

It is usually reported that men who undergo vasectomy and their partners express greater enjoyment and spontaneity of sex. However, occasionally a man may experience sexual problems after vasectomy, but these almost always have an emotional basis. Counseling usually alleviates the problem.

Is there an effect on Testosterone Levels or Libido?

There is no physiological reason that either sex drive or testosterone levels would be affected by a vasectomy. Men may feel a psychological alteration in their masculinity after a vasectomy however, and a realization of being ‘sterile.’ This feeling is temporary and will resolve in most patients after a short time. Patients that have persistent sexual complaints or post-vasectomy depression may benefit from anti-depressant medications or visiting with our staff sex therapist.

Will I get a sedative on the day?

You may either choose no sedation, oral sedation and Intravenous sedation. Learn more in: What are my choices for sedation?

How much time do I have to take off work following my vasectomy?

It depends on your general health and the type of job you do. Men in sedentary jobs can often return to work within two days. You have to avoid strenuous work and heavy lifting or exercise for at least 3-5 days to allow healing.