No Needle Vasectomy

The ‘No-needle’ Vasectomy is designed to avoid the use of a needle to anesthetize the scrotal skin and nerves of the vas deferens.  Dr. Mistry uses a “hypospray” injector to instantly deliver a tiny stream of lidocaine solution through the skin and into the vas deferens. There is no needle or syringe. The skin and vas are instantly numb. A second hypospray injection numbs the other vas.  Just one hypospray on each vas is faster and more effective than lidocaine delivered by needle injection. Patients typically describe the sensation as a mild snap, like a rubber band against the skin.

The late Ralph Adam, M.D., founder of Mada Medical, Inc., invented the MadaJet and introduced it in the 1970’s. It has most commonly been used for dental anesthesia. It is one of several designs of needle-free jet injectors used in place of a needle and syringe for administration of medications, vaccines, and local anesthetics.

Gas powered jet injectors have been used since the 1940’s for immunizing military personnel and school children. The MadaJet utilizes a spring-loaded piston, which generates about 2000 psi in the fluid chamber. The lidocaine fluid is emitted through an orifice of about .006 inches, then through an air space, forming the tiny stream that penetrates the skin. Entering the superficial tissues, the lidocaine disperses evenly and instantly within about a dime-size area to block all the nerve receptors to a depth of about ¼ inch, with great efficiency. Each vas, in turn, must be held accurately in position for the hypospray.

The result of this continued development and refinement of vasectomy technique has been improved comfort, quick healing, and rare complications for our patients.